1998, established the artist’s studio in San Juan, PR (now in New England). This positioned us as one of the first sketchers of professional virtual reality and 3d illustration designer in the Caribbean. We prepared illustrations and benefits for architects and designers at the local level and internationally. Gaddier was photographer, illustrator and art director for several clients, among them:

Alliance for a New Humanity
Empresas Fonalledas, Inc
Ethicon Corp.
Fundación R icky Martin
Hospital Central Connecticut
J.C. Automation
Janssen pharmaceutical, SP, Brazil
John Martinez award, CT
Johnson & Johnson, Caribbean
Marvel Flores & Assoc. A IA
Mc Neil Corp., P R
Miramar Construction
Mount Holyoke College, M A

Museo de Puerto Rico
Nueva E speranza, M A
New Vision Mortgage, CT
Ocean Digital
P. Film
PR Olympic Committee 2004
Puerto Real Dev.
Robert F. Kennedy Center for Human Rights
SNC-Lavalin, Canada
Springfield School Department
Team International Eco-science
Warner Brothers Corp., CA
WIPR, San Juan, PR